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September 5, 2017

Bim Consultants

BIM Consultants in Delhi | Out Sourcing Bim Modeling Services | Bim Services | Bim Modeling Services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ncr

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Bim Services

Importance of Bim Consultants for Construction

Aicad Studio can provide Bim services to calculate the following :
1. Exact Steel Cost Information and its Cost Optimization
2. Exact Concrete Cost Information and optimization
3. Overall Building Cost Optimization

steel quantity by bim consultants in delhi aicad Studio
Bim consultants are the only one who can calculate the exact quantity of Steel or Reinforcement and Concrete. Builders and Real estate companies are always worried about the Wastage of Steel and the exact quantity of Steel. Bim is the Virtual Construction, it is like instead of Constructing a building in real, building is constructed in virtual/ web modeling using the same Good for Construction / Tender Drawings for the Construction and Detailing. During the Modeling Process, Many Rfi ( Request for Information) is given by bim consultants to builders/ Architects/ Building Consultants to clarify and correct the Drawings errors.
This Bim Process filters the Drawings quality as well as protects the mistakes on actual real site. After the Bim Modeling, Bim consultants hands over the Modeling with the Exact quantity of Steel, Steel Coefficient, Concrete and other materials.

More Information about Bim Importance is attached below
Bim Importance, More Information


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